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Photography that captures the real you!!!

Have You Seen Your Aura Lately?

Every living being is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field, an AURA. Your aura arises from the flow of energy streams in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which have different vibratory rates that are unique to you. It is my belief that when a person has an aura photo taken it is the spiritual body which is being photographed. That it is our spiritual side which is trying to attain a balance between it and the 3rd dimensional side of ourselves. Taking a picture tells us where we are right at that time. No judgment No blame. Just what is!

The development of the Aura Imaging Photography Camera has made it possible, easily accessible, and inexpensive for all those interested, to have full color aura photographs taken .



Want to see what your chakras look like? Want to watch them spin? Change shape?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel". There are seven major chakras in the body and numerous smaller energy centers throughout the body; there are also major chakras which extend beyond the physical body. The chakras emanate color and energy by spinning; supposedly when all are spinning in the same direction the person is in alignment. Certain colors are associated with the chakras but, these colors do vary from person to person depending on one's personality and pathway. If you strongly believe in the importance of chakras, you should make use of this technology. Use link below.

You can now watch another layer of your being, your chakras. As you sit with your hand on the sensor plate you are able to view images of the chakras as they move & change colors. The development of new technology can translate the frequencies of the chakras into color and direction of spin. It is my belief that the layer of our being which is the chakras is/can be influenced more by our thoughts etc. than the outer aura can. Again, I believe this to be so because I feel that the outer aura is actually a picture of our spiritual body.





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